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Bismuth Telluride, Bi2Te3 (Tellurobismuthite)

Subcategory: Ceramic; Semiconductor; Sulfide/Chalcogenide

Key Words: Chalcogenide; Semiconductor; Tellurium

Physical PropertiesOriginal ValueComments
Density7.73 g/cc 
a Lattice Constant4.38  
c Lattice Constant30.45  
Formula Units/Cell (Z)3 
Molecular Weight800.76 g/mol 

Mechanical Properties
Knoop Microhardness155 N/mm
Hardness, Mohs1.8 

Electrical Properties
Band Gap0.21 eV 
Electron Mobility, cm/V-s1140 
Hole Mobility, cm/V-s680 

Thermal Properties
Specific Heat Capacity0.016 J/g-C 
Thermal Conductivity3 W/m-K 
Melting Point585 C 

Descriptive Properties
CAS Number1304-82-1 
Crystal StructureHexagonal-Rhombohedral Tetradymite Structure - R(-3)M
SolubilityInsoluble in H2O; Soluble in EtOH 

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