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Data Downloads

Users of ALGOR FEA software can now export technical datasheets from MatWeb's collection in the ALGOR material library format. This is the new feature of our Premium membership available for only $74.95 for a one year subscription! A complete list of Premium features and membership options is available here. Users can create and export libraries of 20 materials at a time in ALGOR library format (XML) from MatWeb's collection of over 59,000 material data sheets. The appropriate property values in the correct units are automatically added to the XML file with ease and accuracy.

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Downoad this example in ALGOR format!!   (right click and "save as")
(Installation Instructions Here)
Detailed Instructions
  • Register as a Premium member and then log in with the temporary password sent to your e-mail address.
  • Visit the Advanced Search interface or any search results page. This is where users create and maintain Folders (for exporting and comparing material data).
  • Create a new Folder: The next step to the export process is to create a new Folder, or use the default "My Folder" Find the My MatWeb Folders section, Select "New" from the "Task" list, Type in a name in the "New Name" field, and click the "Apply" button. You can create up to five folders with up to 20 data sheets per folder. You can name and populate these different folders based on a type of material, specific projects, or other systems that you find useful. If you have previously created folders, then you can select them from this same interface.

  • Perform a Search: Run a search using any of MatWeb's search options. This example uses a search phrase of "Titanium Alloy." The results of the search contain a check box next to the material names.
  • Check the boxes of the data sheets you wish to add to the active library. You may add up to 20 to each library, using the results of multiple searches.

  • Save the additions to your Folder by selecting "Save" from the "Task" list and clicking the "Apply" button.

  • View/Manage your Folders by selecting "Manage All" from the "Task" list and clicking the "Apply" button.
  • Select your Viewing Mode: On this Manage Folders page, you will select the mode you wish to view your folder - Comparison mode, SolidWorks Mode, or ALGOR Mode. This example will continue using the ALGOR viewing mode. Select "ALGOR" from the viewing mode list, and click the "Go" button.
  • Using ALGOR Mode: In ALGOR viewing mode, you will see a list of the materials in your folder

  • Options accessed from this page include:

    • You may delete individual materials from your ALGOR folder
    • You may click "edit" to change a material's properties, for example to add properties not found in MatWeb or to change a property value. The ALGOR export file is created using the average values when MatWeb has a range or multiple vaules; you may easily edit such data points. Changes made this way will be reflected in the export and retained in this folder viewing mode for the future.
    • You may add a note to the folder. This is not for export but will be retained on MatWeb for your future reference.
    • You may add your own materials with the "New" box at the bottom of the material list. You can create a name and add as many properties as necessary. These will be exported and will be retained for your future use in ALGOR viewing mode.

  • Export the Folder: Also in the ALGOR Viewing Mode, you can simply right click where it says "Click Here" and select "save as" to download the XML file. Save the file in a place you'll remember. This example's XML file is available for free at the top of the page.

  • Import the file into ALGOR: In your ALGOR software:
    • Go to Tools, Manage Material Library

    • Choose Material, Manage Libraries

    • In the "Manage Libraries" window, go to Library, Add, and create a new library (.mlb). You may wish to name it the same as in MatWeb (Gear1 in this example).
    • Then go to Library, Import, XML and choose the .xml file exported from MatWeb, that you had previously saved

    • After the import is complete, you may close the "Manage Libraries" window, and your new library from MatWeb is ready for use!


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