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ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) Plastic Manufacturers

These ABS plastic producers have supplied MatWeb with product data.  You can find more information about the ABS grades in MatWeb on our ABS Properties Page.

Polymer Technology & Services Trilac™ABS; Recycled ABS; PC + ABS Alloy
RTP Company  ABS; ABS/Polycarbonate Blend
Bamberger Polymers Bapolan®ABS
ABW Plastics  ABS
Aclo AcculoyPC + ABS Alloy
Aclo AccutechGlass Reinforced ABS
Aclo AccuguardFlame Retardant ABS
Aclo AccucompABS
ALBIS PLASTICS  ABS; ABS/Polycarbonate Blend
Asahi Thermofil  ABS/Polycarbonate Blend
Ashley Polymers Ashlene®ABS; ABS/Polycarbonate Blend
BASF Terluran®ABS
Bayer MaterialScience Bayblend®ABS/Polycarbonate Blend
Beijing Chemical Industry Research Institute Kaifa®ABS
Buckeye Polymers  ABS
Chase Plastics CP Pryme®ABS; ABS/Polycarbonate Blend
Chi Mei Polylac®ABS
ComAlloy Hiloy®Glass Reinforced ABS
Cool Polymers CoolPoly™Conductive PC/ABS
Custom Resins Naxel™Polycarbonate/ABS Alloy
Diamond Polymers  ABS
Diapolyacrylate Company SHINKO-LAC®Transparent ABS
Dow Magnum®ABS
Dow Prevail®ABS/Polyurethane Blend
Dow Pulse®ABS/Polycarbonate Blend
Dow Retain®ABS
DSM Engineering Plastics Fiberfil®Glass Fiber Reinforced ABS
e-polymers TEKALOY™PC + ABS and PBT + ABS Alloys
Ebbtide Polymers Transparent ABS
Engineered Plastics Corp.  PC + ABS Alloy
Entec Hybrid®PC + ABS Alloy
Entec Hylac®ABS
GE Plastics Cycolac®ABS
GE Plastics Cycoloy®ABS/Polycarbonate Blend
Global Polymers  ABS; PC + ABS
Hannam Chemical HanalacABS
Lanxess Triax®ABS/Nylon Blend
Lanxess Lustran®ABS
Lanxess Novodur®ABS
LG Chemicals  ABS
LG Chemicals LupoyPC/ABS
LG Chemicals LuposGlass Filled ABS
M. Holland  ABS
MRC Polymers Naxaloy™ABS/Polycarbonate Blend
MRC Polymers SatranABS
Multibase Multi-ABSABS
Noveon Stat-Tech™Static Dissipative ABS Compound
Omnia Plastica  ABS
Owens-Corning  Glass-Filled ABS
Oxford Polymers  ABS; PC/ABS
Plastics Group Polifil®ABS
PlastxWorld CEVIAN® ABS; PC/ABS, Nylon/ABS; PBT/ABS Alloys
Polimeri Europa SinkralABS
Polimeri Europa KoblendABS + PC Alloy
Polymer Resources  ABS, PC + ABS Alloy
PolyOne Stat-Tech™Antistat ABS
PolyOne EdgetekABS Compounds; PC + ABS Alloy
Royalite Centrex®Weather-Resistant ABS Sheet
Royalite Royalex®ABS/PVC Foam Core Sheet
Royalite Royalstat™Antistat ABS + PVC and ABS + Polyolefin
Royalite  ABS; ABS + PVC
Samsung Cheil Starex®ABS, ASA
Samsung Cheil Staroy®PC/ABS Alloy
Shuman  ABS; ABS/PC Alloy
Sibur  ABS
Sibur DiscarABS/PC Alloy
SO.F.TER. Abifor® ABS
SO.F.TER. Blendfor A®PC/ABS
Tabriz Petrochemical Company  ABS
Techmer Lehvoss Compounds Electrafil®Conductive ABS
Techmer Lehvoss Compounds Perfomafil™Glass Reinforced ABS
Techno Polymer Company Transparent ABS
Teijin MultilonPC/ABS
Thai Petrochemical Industry Porene®ABS
Westlake Plastics Absylux®ABS
Westlake Plastics Crystat®ABS
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