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INEOS NOVA Zylar® 535 Clear Impact Modified Acrylic Copolymer


Subcategory: Polystyrene; Acrylic; Thermoplastic

Close Analogs: INEOS NOVA began October 1 2007 as an expansion of the 50:50 joint venture between NOVA Chemicals and INEOS to include North American assets. 

Material Notes:


  • High clarity, strength and toughness
  • Styrenic processing advantages
  • Excellent property retention after ETO and gamma sterilization
  • Anti-stat package
  • Enhanced mold release
  • UL 94HB @ 1.5 mm for all colors
  • Applications:

  • Appliances/ floor care
  • Office accessories
  • Point-of-purchase displays
  • Industrial covers and housings
  • Consumer electronics
  • General information about ZYLAR®: ZYLAR® acrylic copolymers are The Clear Alternative to polycarbonate, PETG, impact acrylic and clear ABS for applications that demand clarity and toughness and enhanced processing productivity. ZYLAR is a cost effective alternative in injection molding applications, with over 15 years of proven performance.

    ZYLAR has proven performance in a variety of applications, including medical, floor care, appliances, consumer goods, office accessories and supplies, pens and mechanical pencils, commercial paper towel dispensers, point of purchase displays, cosmetics packaging, toys, electronics packaging, housewares, consumer & industrial, and other applications.

    ZYLAR® acrylic copolymers provide value through enhanced performance, manufacturing productivity, ease of processing, and potential for capital avoidance through utilization of existing (styrenics) equipment and tooling.

    Performance Attributes:

    • Crisp clarity
    • Outstanding practical toughness and ductility
    • Balance of toughness and clarity
    • Easily decorated
    • Can be printed, hot stamped or metalized.
    • Gamma, Eto and E-beam sterilizable
    • Can be bonded to flexible PVC
    • Alcohol and lipid resistance
    • Resistance to most industrial and commercial cleaners
    • Resistance to most household cleaners
    • Resistant to most food additives
    • Residential dishwasher safe - top rack
    • Secondary operations include sonic welding, hotplate welding, ultrasonic bonding and adhesive bonding
    • Over-molding capability
    Product Capabilities
    • Antistatic and indoor UV grades available
    • Available in natural and pre-colored
    • Color matching capabilities

    Customer Productivity & Processing

    • 5 to 25% density advantage means more parts per pound of resin
    • Faster cycle time
    • Reduced energy and labor costs associated with processing
    • Lower processing temperatures by as much as 150F
    • No drying
    • Styrenic processing
    • Better thermal stability
    • More usable regrind and no black specs
    • Product consistency, color consistency
    • Easily colored at the press
    • Easy flow
    • Able to utilize existing tooling for PC, clear ABS, impact acrylic, PETG, polyesters, propionate (CAP), PVC and other polymers

    Information provided by Nova Chemicals

    Available Properties
    • Specific Gravity
    • Linear Mold Shrinkage
    • Melt Flow
    • Hardness, Rockwell R
    • Tensile Strength, Yield
    • Elongation at Break
    • Tensile Modulus
    • Flexural Modulus
    • Flexural Strength
    • Izod Impact, Unnotched
    • Gardner Impact
    • Izod Impact, Notched
    • Deflection Temperature at 1.8 MPa (264 psi)
    • Vicat Softening Point
    • Refractive Index
    • Haze
    • Transmission, Visible
    • Rear Barrel Temperature
    • Middle Barrel Temperature
    • Front Barrel Temperature
    • Melt Temperature
    • Mold Temperature
    • Back Pressure
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