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What's New - MatWeb 1999

Check here for all of our press releases and information from 1999!

  • November, 1999
    MatWeb has a completely new, fresh design - featuring an easier navigation structure and more room on the page for our award-winning technical content. We have also upgraded our database to give you faster searches. Try our new, automated unit conversion engine above the conversion table.

    The most recent of MatWeb's 18,000+ materials include engineering thermoplastics from M. A. Hannah, Dyneon, and Asahi Chemical; thermoset elastomers including Viton and Neoprene from DuPont Dow Elastomers; and beryllium-aluminum metals from Starmet. uses MatWeb's metal data and search engine for their e-commerce application.

  • September 1, 1999
    The most recent of MatWeb's 17,000+ materials include engineering thermoplastics from Allied Signal, Elf Atochem, Fina and MRC Polymers; thermoset resins from Ciba and Abatron; PBO fibers from Toyobo; and composite materials from YLA Cellular Products and Metal Matrix Cast Composites, Inc.

    MatWeb has added two new index pages to show users what is in the database and help them to navigate to the data. Check out the Polymer Trade Name Index and the Polymer Supplier Index.

  • June 23, 1999
    MatWeb now lists detailed property data on over 16,000 entries!  Recent metal and alloy additions include zirconium, lead, tin, copper, and rhenium alloys plus Elgiloy superalloy.  Our thorough list of polymers has been increased with our recent additions from Dow, GE Plastics, Cyro, ICI Acrylics, Washington Penn plus many more.  To remain current, we have deleted over 1500 plastics entries and, when appropriate, replaced them with new data.  Other new engineering materials include zirconia and alumina entries, glass, plus lanthanide sulfides.

    There is now a list of common metal abbreviations and acronyms.  Included are Metal types, general treatments and conditions, and standards institutions and regulatory agencies.  Feel free to suggest new entries.  For a detailed list of copper specifications, please visit the site map.

  • June 14, 1999
    You can now search the MatWeb database in Common US Units (psi, F, etc.) as well as metric units. In addition, the data sheets for each of our nearly 16,000 materials now displays values in both systems simultaneously.

    We have also put together a list of common polymer abbreviations and acronyms used by the plastics industry.  Included are polymer types, additives/curing agents, applications, and regulatory agencies.  Feel free to suggest new entries.  Also check out the first of our descriptions of test methods on the Flexural Strength Testing page.

  • June 7th, 1999
    Check out the most recent licensees of the MatWeb search engine.  PlasticsNet.Com, the plastics industry's leading business and e-commerce site, now uses MatWeb's plastics data sheets and the sophisticated material property search function within the PlasticsNet.Com site.  DSM Engineering Plastics has also licensed the MatWeb search engine for use with proprietary materials on their own Web site.

    Learn more about search engine licensing and other Internet services offered by Automation Creations, Inc., the parent of MatWeb.

  • February 23rd, 1999
    MatWeb now contains over 15,000 materials for you to search by our powerful property-based search engine! Continuing our commitment to being a one-stop source for materials data, we have just added plastics from RTP Company and Natural Fiber Composites, metals information from Hoogovens Aluminium and TiNi Alloy Company (shape memory alloys), plus fused quartz tubing from GE Quartz and carbon black from Chevron Chemical. We have added even more data to our magnesium and titanium alloy entries! We are continuing to refine our search capabilities and instructions based on your feedback.

  • February 5th, 1999
    MatWeb has added over 500 entries with general polymer information that has been computed from the proprietary polymer grades in the database.  These new entries provide an excellent overview of the materials property values available for a polymer type (such as 30% glass fiber filled nylon 6) with average, minimum, and maximum values.   Convenient buttons take you from the general entry to the proprietary grades.   Other recent additions to MatWeb include precious metal alloys, refractory metal alloys, over 350 elastomers, polyolefins, and engineering thermoplastics from Dow Chemical, and 100 silicones from GE Silicones.

  • January 26th, 1999
    MatWeb is pleased to announce that DSM Engineering Plastic Products (now Quadrant Engineering Plastic Products) is the newest licensee of the MatWeb search engine.  Visit their web site at and try their powerful product search for their North American products.

    Learn more details about how you can incorporate a data-driven product search into your own web site.



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