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What's New - MatWeb 2002

Check here for all of our press releases and information from 2002!

  • September, 2002

    We have added or completely updated 3000 data sheets over the last three months, bringing our total to over 28,500. Minor property updates were made to another 4500 data sheets as a part of our ongoing effort to provide our users with current, comprehensive technical data.

    Here are some of the more prominent additions and updates:


    • New additions from Ecomass, Radici, and Vectran
    • Thorough updates from DuPont Engineering Polymers, Kolon, NOVA Chemicals, Poly Hi Solidur, and Polymer Technology & Services
    • Partial updates from Ausimont, Chevron Phillips, Durez, Equistar, and PolyOne
    • New coating/adhesives/sealants from Devcon, Dow Corning, and Parylene Coating Services
    • New additions from Resistalloy International, SSAB Tunnplåt (including Domex steel), and Tungsten Products
    • Complete update of the Allvac product line; partial update of the Special Metals product line
    • Updated thermal properties of many of our generic metal data sheets
    Other Engineering Materials:
    • Glass Fiber (S-2 and others) from Advanced Glassfiber Yarns
    • Diamond-like coating materials from Bekaert Advanced Coating Technologies
    • A large addition of inorganic salts and oxides

    Among our programming enhancements is the ability for premium users to download and open MatWeb's data sheets in Excel. We have used Microsoft's IQY technology - the link automatically appears near the top of every data sheet to users who are logged in as they view our data sheets.

  • June, 2002

    MatWeb introduces a new site design to celebrate our new capabilities. All of our classic features are available for anyone to use, but we have arranged our look & feel to allow more room for our award-winning content. Let us know what you think!

    New materials added recently bring our total to 26,500 and include plastics from DSM, PolyMirae, NYCOA, PlastxWorld, and Soarus plus metal powders and braze/solder alloys from Johnson-Matthey and FloMet.

  • April, 2002

    Registered and Premium MatWeb!

    MatWeb has some powerful new features available for just $74.95 a year! You can also sample these features with our free level of registration. Simply register with your email address and well send you password to log in. Once youre logged in, you'll have access to MatWebs great new features like:

    The New Advanced Search: All of the MatWeb Searches are compiled in one easy-to-use interface. Add a keyword or a composition range and see immediately how many materials match your search criteria. Now in addition to selecting a property range, you can select the units too. All you need to do to see the results is scroll down the page. Your results appear below the search criteria so you no longer need to hit the Back button to refine your search.

    Also new to MatWeb is the materials comparison feature. Select the materials that you like and compare them side-by-side. You can toggle comments and notes on and off, select unit of measure system, transpose the rows and columns - basically display the information however you wish. You can even download your custom table in a text (.txt) or comma separated variable (.csv) format.

    Additional enhanced features include the New Weight and Moment of Inertia calculator. New engineering shapes have been added and now moments of inertia can be calculated at the click of a button too. Plus there is a brand new hardness converter. Choose a hardness scale, enter a value, pick a material group and the MatWeb Hardness Converter shows equivalent hardness values for a variety of different hardness scales. It will even let you know if a converted value is outside the accepted range for that hardness scale.

    All of these new features are great to use. But dont just take our word for it, register for free or Premium membership today!

  • January, 2002

    We have completed several updates to the structure of our database and search engine:

    • The Text Search (upper right of every page) has several new options, including the ability to expand your search after the first set of results are seen. This will be especially useful for MatWeb's users who are searching based on applications or attributes that are contained in the 'Material Notes' section of the data sheets.
    • MatWeb can now store, search, and display property values as a range rather than a single data point.
    • We have added many new properties to the large number that we track in the database.
    In addition, these changes will serve as a platform for more new features in the near future.

    MatWeb now has over 25,500 materials available in the database. Some of the newest entries include new entries for titanium and nickel alloys, optical polymers, glass-mica composites, and new fluoropolymer entries.




These are previous updates and press releases about the site.

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